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CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder

Philip Schofield

I always wanted to be an engineer and was sponsored by Imperial Metal Industries, Witton, Birmingham through university doing a 'Double Honours' course in mechanical engineering.

My first job was working  for a business making turbine blades for aerospace and power generation and this is how I got into "sales". I moved to a zinc die-casting company which was setting up a range of 'threaded inserts' to compete against the more familiar brass product. We established a fastener company as our distributor and moved across to them in the roll of 'product manager'. I was made redundant on the 7th November 1989 and that evening was driving down to see friends in Salcombe, Devon and by the time we arrived the decision was made to setup a company to sell inserts.

Fitsco industries started trading on the 2nd January 1990 with me being on my own until I took on my first employee in September. I would be lying if I said it had been easy, having been through two or three recessions since I started but I've got a great team working for me now and never enjoyed going to work more.

Sally and I have four children, most of which have now left home, love to spend time in Cornwall and I still manage to play squash, badminton and hockey.

General Manager

General Manager



I joined Fitsco in June 2014 and enjoy the many opportunities we have by being a UK manufacturer. I believe the success of our company lies within our team who I am very proud of. I enjoy being part of the Fitsco team immensely.


I am highly focussed on continual improvement as there is always something that can be done better. I embrace “change” and I like to explore alternatives where possible keeping our business up to date with relevant opportunities. I am an avid animal lover hence I am a vegetarian!


I enjoy travelling immensely and my life motto is “every day is precious, smile, be positive and embrace your health”

Office Manager

Office Manager



Before joining Fitsco, I worked within retail and have been a pub manager for Wetherspoons.  As you can imagine the switch into the world of inserts has been an interesting one.  The main thing I learnt from day one is that our customers are our priority and we pride ourselves on being problem solvers.


My main role within Fitsco involves order processing, dispatching, purchasing and 'health and safety'.


Outside of work I’m currently studying an AAT qualification and Fitsco support this. I like to travel and always have a holiday booked.

Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor



I've been with the company since April 2004 and oversee all of our manufactured parts, material and schedule orders onto our machines ensuring the smooth running of the manufacturing facility.


I believe the future of the company lies with the younger employees, so my priority is transferring skills and knowledge.


I have a twin brother and my hobbies revolve around sport playing 5-a-side football and golf on a regular basis.

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