Different Shapes of Our RotoFit Threaded Inserts

Here at Fitsco, we offer a range of threaded inserts for the rotomoulding industry, with the range aptly being named RotoFit. Rotomoulding, other wise known as rotational moulding, have several machines and functions in its family, including the rock and roll machine, the clamshell machine, vertical or up and over rotational machines, shuttle machines, swing-arm machines and carousel machines.

At Fitsco, we supply four types of standard RotoFit threaded inserts and two more sets of custom-made RotoFit threaded inserts. The four standard types of RotoFit threaded inserts are Square Blind, Square Thru, Hex Blind and Hex Thru, and the custom-made RotoFit threaded inserts are Round Blind and Round Thru.

The difference between square, hex and round inserts is straightforward, as they are shaped respectively in square, hexagonal and round shapes. The difference between blind and thru inserts is a little more complicated, but essentially blind threaded inserts do not have a thread that passes all the way through the insert, where as thru threaded inserts pass all the way through.

RotoFit threaded inserts can be made from a range of materials, including brass, steel or stainless steel.

Hex Range

The Hex range of threaded inserts are grooved for moulding in softer materials, and with their deep grooves, the threaded inserts are designed to combine maximum strength with uniform heat gain. We are also seeing our RotoFit threaded inserts being favourable for moulders with difficult applications where standard knurled inserts are not strong enough for the job required.

Square Range

Our Square range of RotoFit threaded inserts work in softer materials and give the best torque resistance, coupling up with quality pull-out resistance. The threaded inserts have deep grooves and they are light-weight that have been specially designed to combine upmost torque resistance with uniform heat gain.

Round Range

The Round range of RotoFit threaded inserts are light in terms of weight and provide smoother resistance in the soft materials it is moulded in.

Blog by Dan - 11th September 2019

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