How do you remove threaded inserts?

We are often asked if threaded inserts can be removed.  When screws or bolts are repeatedly reinserted into threaded inserts, sometimes the threaded insert needs replacing. With the help of a threaded inserts removal tool, the inserts can be removed very quickly.

Firstly, inspect the hole where the threaded insert is located to see how deep and tight it is in the hole. Ensure that it is in the hole, and make sure that it is not flush with the hole, so the insert removal tool can be set on top and remove the threaded insert. Once this is complete, the threaded insert tool needs to be placed and set on top of the threaded insert, lining up the guide shaft with the middle of the hole to decrease the chance of contact between the parent threads and the blade. Attach it in place so that it is secure against the threaded insert, turning the tool anti-clockwise around the threaded insert, simultaneously allowing the blades of the tool to cut grooves into the top coil of the threaded insert. The threaded insert should begin to loosen up and the turning should become less strenuous. Pull up on the threaded insert, whilst still turning it, to remove it from the hole. Check inside the hole to ensure that it is empty, before inserting a new threaded insert.

Blog by Dan - 1st July 2019

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