Managing Holidays

At the moment, we at Fitsco are seeing several staff take their well-earned holidays. Having worked so hard in the first part of the year, our staff have deserved their breaks from threaded inserts – and August is our most popular month for holidays.

Our employees all have vital roles in how the company moves, and as such, covering their work when they are on holiday can be a well-thought out and complicated process. Here we take a look at the best ways to ensure the smooth running of the business in staff absence:

  • Advanced planning. It is traditional for industrial businesses to schedule their holidays well in advance and we aim to do that here. Improved, productive planning is better for everyone.
  • Train staff in various roles. We train staff in a variety of roles so that those on holiday can be covered without any impact on the business. Our setters are trained in the stores, our stores staff is trained on the multi-spindle machines and our office staff are trained in the stores and on the machines. It ensures smooth running and makes sure that threaded inserts are designed, manufactured and distributed without any issues.
  • Standard time off at Christmas. Staff are given two full weeks off over Christmas so that all staff know when they will be off plenty of time in advance and they can plan and enjoy their lives accordingly.

Blog by Dan - 30th July 2019

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