The Importance of Holidays

We are now deep in the summer months and staff are actively taking holidays to go to destinations far and wide. Some staff are taking a break from the world of threaded inserts, compression limiters and speaker spikes and they are heading abroad, to the coast or spending time with their families. For employers, it can bring some difficulties to accommodate employees’ time off work.

Holidays, or annual leave as it is commonly known, were brought in by a European Directive as a health and safety measure to ensure that workers have time off during their working year so that they can rest, both mentally and physically. It is beneficial to the business that employees take a break, as their work performance is much better after they return after time away. Holidays improve several areas an employees’ productivity and these include:

  • Work life balance. Employees will need to take a break, think less about threaded inserts and more about enjoying what they do away from work. The balance needs to be well-placed, well-managed and well-maintained. It’s a great idea to take a step back and realise where the fulcrum is on the balance. A holiday or time away from work helps shift that balance.
  • Staff wellbeing. Similarly, it is important to look after the wellbeing of employees and make sure that they are confident in what they are doing at work. A holiday or break from work can aid this.
  • Reducing burnout. It can be easy for staff to work, work and work some more during busy times. Often employees can get too easily caught up in the currents and work themselves into the ground. By doing this, they risk burnout and when tired, mistakes can be made. By taking a holiday or time away from threaded inserts, compression limiters and speaker spikes, our staff return refreshed and ready to go again.
  • Decreasing sick leave. When employees over work, their immune system is less effective, and they can become unwell. Regular holidays and time away reduce the chances of staff becoming unwell and requiring time off for sick leave.
  • Lowering staff turnover. If employees are overworked, tired and do not take their holidays, they can make rash decisions and seek other opportunities in other companies. It is important for staff to take their holidays and enjoy their time away to decrease the chances of them leaving the company.

Whilst taking time away from work, it is also important for staff to fully take time off too and stay away from their emails on their laptops and smartphones whilst taking a break to fully recharge their batteries.

Blog by Dan - 8th August 2019

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