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All our office team; Phil, Carys, Jayne and I, as well as the company are on LinkedIn and we are active users. We use it to keep in touch with our current customers’, whilst looking for new customers in the world of threaded inserts. It is a highly useful and beneficial tool and network for us all to use.

You are able to connect with us here:

We connect with a variety of people, including HR professionals, professionals in the local governing body, growth hub personnel and others. Professionals also connect with us, with professional product and service suppliers the main source of connection requests.

Our policy is to use LinkedIn as a positive marketing tool, allowing everybody who has connected with us to see what the company is doing and the strides we are making in a variety of different areas, with areas of focus on a happy and determined workforce.

What we do not do, which is what we have received several times, is send a sales pitch, pushing a product or service to our new connections. I personally find it rather pushy and I don’t see it as being beneficial for the new connection reputation or the company’s brand either. The key to this sort of message is that it needs to be personalised, and not just a copy and paste job, that will go from one composed message to the next.

On LinkedIn, don’t just sit there, watch and observe everyone. Get involved, comment, communicate, post and encourage positivity. Search for things related to you and your company, the team are searching for ‘threaded inserts’, ‘rivet nuts’, ‘speaker spikes’, ‘t-nuts’ and ‘compression limiters’ on a regular basis, advising individuals with any issues that they have on the products that we are experts in providing. It is important at this point to not just hit the person with the problem with a big sales pitch! The most vital thing on LinkedIn is to think about what you would want to receive if you were in the other person’s shoes.

Blog by Dan - 5th July 2019

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