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In my career, social media has aided the marketing of the companies in all my roles. Marketing a manufacturing company like Fitsco, however, was not something that I had attempted before. Who wants to see threaded inserts on LinkedIn? I have never seen speaker spikes on Facebook so will anyone else want to see it now? Is there a market for T-Nuts on Instagram? I have been using company social media accounts to promote, raise brand awareness and communicate with customers, friends of the companies, colleagues and potential future employees, surely the world of threaded inserts will be no different, won’t it?

The benefits of using social media are there for us all to see, we can become closer to our customers by posting beneficial and informative links to the site, photos of what we are up to and our products and being receptive of any messages that any current or future customers send. Regardless of the size of the company, social media will help manufacturing and engineering businesses reach their marketing goals. Here we look at how social media benefits us and the world of threaded inserts:

Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty

There is no better method of spreading the word about your business and its products or services than on social media, and if your page followers enjoy the content you are providing, they will then share your content and pages with their contacts. Connecting with customers on social media helps you retain your customers and their loyalty. By using social media, you will reach more customers and increase their loyalty.

Earn More Traffic to Your Website

When you post on social media, you should encourage visitors to your website and then they can learn more about your products and services. Social media is a signpost, which could result in more customers and business. For example, if you are promoting your blog, link the followers to your website or if you are promoting a position within the company, you can link them to your careers page.

Building a Good Relationship

Social media allows current and new customers are able to interact with you, your company, as well as asking questions and voicing their opinions. Customers are increasingly turning to social media for customer service and they are expecting a speedy response, with the Facebook response rate putting pressure on companies to provide high levels of customer service. Having and keeping a presence on social media helps your company engage with your customers and build strong relationships to encourage your customers to buy from you.

Each Post is a Learning Curve

When you are interacting with your followers on social media, you can obtain important insights and information about customers, such as their preferences, the types of content that they are more likely to respond with, and their feelings about your brand. This feedback can dictate about how you will post in future and the direction you head in.

As you have read, there are several ways in which social media benefits your manufacturing business. Here are a few tips to help you succeed with your marketing:

  • Connect with your clients on LinkedIn: reach out to your clients and decision makers, establishing your area of expertise. Once connected, actively communicate with posts of interest and talk in a down-to-earth manner, gaining the trust of your connections. You can also cross-communicate between your social media platforms and website, directing traffic in both directions.
  • Create a YouTube channel: sometimes, YouTube can be forgotten about, which should definitely not be, as 400 hours of video is uploaded to the website every minute and has 1.9 billion monthly logged-in users – which is just under a quarter of the planet. The modern-day world has moved away from reading information and is increasingly wishing to view information in the form of a video, which can help the viewer see your story and see your products and services, and can answer questions that potential customers have regarding your business. You can embed YouTube videos on your website, and on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Change up your style to each platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube are all different platforms, with different customers on and they should be treated as so. You can use the same content across all the platforms but adapting it to the clientele on each platform will help tailor your content to the customers’ needs.

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Blog by Dan - 3rd July 2019

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