Unheaded ScrewFit Threaded Inserts
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ScrewFit Threaded Inserts

Unheaded ScrewFit Threaded Inserts

The ScrewFit range of threaded inserts are available in three different styles; Headed, Reduced Head and Unheaded. They are used in injection moldings and applications where a high performance is required. ScrewFit threaded inserts are to be installed post-moulding and they are self-tapping threaded inserts with four flutes, which reduces stress on the moulding by having a balance cutting action. The threaded inserts have a very high torque and pull-out performance, suiting a variety of applications


01004F5/1M2 (Regular)3.504.803.11.20
001006F5/1M2.5 (Regular)4.335.253.81.45
01028F5/1M3 (Short)4.734.004.11.55
00668F5/1M3 (Regular)4.735.254.11.55
01209F5/1M3 (Long)4.736.254.11.55
00666F5/1M3.5 (Regular)5.526.205.01.90
01801F5/1M4 (Short)6.315.605.82.20
00650F5/1M4 (Regular)6.317.105.82.20
01030F5/1M4 (Long)6.318.405.82.20
01361F5/1M5 (Short)7.506.406.92.60
00708F5/1M5 (Regular)7.508.406.92.60
02174F5/1M5 (Long)7.5010.006.92.60
01369F5/1M6 (Short)8.697.908.03.00
00709F5/1M6 (Regular)8.699.808.03.00
01368F5/1M6 (Long)8.6912.008.03.00
01525F5/1M8 (Regular)11.0612.4010.13.80
- F5/1M10 (Regular)13.9516.0013.04.90

Further Information About This Product


Product advantages of these Fitsco threaded inserts:

  • Post mould installation
  • Self-tapping threaded inserts with four flutes reduces the stress on the moulding by having a balanced cutting action
  • Very high torque and pull-out performance of these threaded inserts
  • These threaded inserts suit a variety of materials, including wood, plastic and metal
  • Easy to bowl feed for high-volume manufacture


  • Hole Preparation: Suitable for either drilled or moulded holes
  • Installation: Designed to be used with the Fitsco 'Flexfit' installation machine
  • Wall Thickness: Hole sizes vary due to the many different types of plastics

You can download *cad files of Unheaded ScrewFit threaded inserts here

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